I think everyone will remember Kyaw Thet Lin, a MRTV presenter who used to hear me say, “Get well soon” at 8 pm when I was a child. Reporter Kyaw Thet Lin is neatly dressed in a T-shirt and has a strong voice and can present news clearly.

He was an employee of MRTV who did the first CDM during the military coup in Burma. That’s why fans love Kyaw Thet Lin more. Kyaw Thet Lin, who is currently in the liberated area, shared some of his feelings with his friends.

Kyaw Thet Lin said, “I understand everything. I try to keep my emotions in check during this time as much as possible and keep in touch with friends I know both on and off fb. But no matter what the relatives say, the friends suffer.

Let me sincerely apologize if some of my miscommunication was not recaptured like an arrow shot out of an arrow. I know, in the long run, everything is not going well, but some things are beyond repair.

I want to write other short posts because I do not like & comment many of my friends on fb for fear of losing me. Even if you do not respond to me, I understand that it is due to various circumstances. In short, I can understand

everything because the rougher a person is, the younger his heart becomes. By the way, I take the medicine sent by my friends with the children here, and the seeds sprout. Everything has to wait for time. ”He wrote on his social media page.

For fans, here is a post written by Kyaw Thet Lin’s friends. Special thanks to the readers for reading to the end.

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